Scott Penrose

Scott descriScott Penrosebes himself as an architect. Knowing something about a lot of different technologies allows Scott to understand the integration and interactions of different systems and allows him to see the big picture.

Scott has been building large systems with thousands of users since the early 1990s at Melbourne University, to millions of users through the late 90s and early 2000 with Schoolsnet/MyInternet/Editure, developing embedded monitoring systems in the antarctic, running open source development international conferences, building large clusters of weather analysis systems for defence and consulting for the national education bodies.

Scott is an expert at: Perl, XSL, C, Javascript, GIS, RDBMS, HTML/CSS, Security, Linux, Embedded electronic development, version control, mobile application development, large scale clusters and more.

Scott was a founding member of the Open Source Developer’s Conference (a non-profit conference for developers of open source software), in Melbourne in 2004. OSDC has annual conferences in Australia, Malaysia, France, Taiwan and Israel. Scott was President of OSDC from 2004 until 2012 and is still on the executive committee.

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